Our Team

Who We Are

Interactive Community Care was established in 2010 as a specialist recruitment company for Community Services Sector and has now proudly served the people of NSW for more than a decade. In that decade, our team has grown to a network of over 260 multi-skilled, culturally diverse,  experienced professionals, with a shared goal of achieving positive outcomes for children, young people, and their families and providing access to services that allow everyone to live their best life.

Interactive Community Care

Why We Are

Interactive Community Care is committed to providing tailored care to meet the needs of families across NSW. Specialising in delivering complex care and support, we take an individualised approach to minimise disruption, limit trauma and help young people regain stability in their lives. Intending to help families stay together, our community services create a safe place where new skills can be developed and underlying issues can be addressed. Taking a holistic approach, our multidisciplinary team works hard to achieve a positive outcome for every family.

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